Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New photos and a new leak....

As you know, I've been using a Spotmatic F  lately and really liking it.

Well it has developed a light leak...except I think it developed the light leak when I sent it in to have it cleaned and adjusted and to get the seals replaced- it didn't leak prior to the repair.

Anyway, I've got a seal kit coming in the mail from Jon Goodman in Dallas, who I've bought from before and will do the seals myself after they arrive. I'm kind of bummed about the seals not being properly done before, but stuff happens.

Onward to some photos!

This first one is of a little dog I met last week in Buffalo Gap, Texas.

Her name is Rosalinda, and she was somehow aware of the light leak.  Dogs can see spirits and things amiss in the world, so it's good to see she knew which way to look.

Rosalinda belongs to Lola, of Lola's Mexican Cafe in Buffalo Gap.

Lola is quite the celebrity in this small Texas town and makes some pretty mean tacos!

Next we have a photo from the same light leaky Spotmatic, except this frame escaped the intrusion of light somehow.

I was trying to get some sunlit cobwebs that were all over the ground but just couldn't pull it off..instead, I got this little back lit weed, and a tick.

Yes, a tick. You have to accept bugs on the ground getting on you when you are literally in their turf.

This is Fuji Natura 1600 film.

It works well in shade and late afternoon Sun but doesn't deter ticks one little bit!

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