Thursday, February 2, 2017


Wrought iron.

It makes me think of many things to see it.

My grandfather was an iron worker and helped build many of the skyscrapers in New York City in the 1930's.

When he retired, he was a dairy farmer for quite a few years and I have fond memories of spending weekends or part of the summer staying with him and my grandmother and working on the farm.

They had over 100 acres and ran 55+ head of Holstein which had to be milked every day, morning and evening.

No rest on a farm...because if you're not milking cows, you are mowing, raking, baling hay or doing something in the hay-field to feed the cows and other livestock.

If not that, then you are gardening, mending fences, or gathering eggs..or any other number of chores to keep the farm running.

During down time, and there was some...we spent fishing or swimming in the three ponds on the property, picking blackberries or riding the horses.

If my cousins happened to be staying there, we would tell ghost stories or watch the stars at night while sleeping out on the porch.

Sometimes the turkeys would be roosting on the porch too. It was a great childhood.

Just seeing a little wrought iron gate brought all that back....


  1. Nice capture of that fine looking gate. Don't think I've ever seen a nicer example.

    1. Thanks Mike. It's hard to pass up old iron gates and ironwork.


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