Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Country Life

One of the perks of living just south of Route 66 is the high probability of seeing old cars rumbling down or in this case, up the road.

There's hardly a week that goes by that I don't see some old jalopy, or classic car going down the road in high style.

This car was an old Ford.  I gave it lots of room in front of me going up the hills because you just never know when it might go kaput! Of course it never did, but occasionally I see one broke down, so just to be courteous, I give them lots of room on the road.

This is my favorite stretch of road near my house because there are bluebirds that perch on that fence row on the right.  Farther up the hill there is a Blue bird box that I monitor.

Today was a win win because I found an old car and saw Bluebirds!

Plus getting a glimpse of the mountains during the trek is fun too!

  I expect this spell of warmer weather we have been having will get more old cars out enjoying the scenery and drive time on old Route 66 where you can get your kicks!

Holga shot with Hp5

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  1. I h ave some HP5 to run through my Holgas too. I've always shot Tri-x because it worked and why look around... I'm hoping I get some results as nice as this!


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