Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bosque Trail

I joined the Friends of the Bosque group over the I'll probably be showing/sharing more bosque shots in the weeks to come. 

The old cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande are stately sentinels of the area and are just as beautiful without leaves as they are covered in them.

This trail is shared by all sorts of wildlife and if you look closely you can see some horseshoe prints in the trail.

A great horned owl hooted out a hello while I was walking, but I never saw it....I'm sure it saw me.


The trail is just shy of being a mile long, but if you take a different route, it stretches out to about 2 miles.  It does the soul good to walk among big old trees and see birds scratching in the leaf litter for bugs and seeds. 

This is near the area where I heard the owl. I really wanted to see it, but he had other plans and stayed incognito.

Olympus Infinity 3.5 with some old Tri-x

A life is good combo!


  1. Always something of interest to see in the bosque. That owl may already be sitting on eggs.

    1. thanks Mike. Sitting on eggs already! Wow. I'll be going back since I joined the friends group there and see what happens. We have owls out here too, I mostly only hear them at night while out watching the stars.

  2. I like that last image, really shows the bosque in all its mysterious grandeur.


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