Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vertical is the new black..

I read that Vertical is the New Black a few days ago and am wondering if shooting vertical, or in portrait mode will really overtake landscape?

I kind of doubt it, but since the cell phone photographers have bombarded the airwaves with selfies and snaps, it just might happen.

In the meantime, I'm sharing a photo I made a couple of years ago of a donkey that lives up the road from me.

I have used  it as a "model" before, but the darn thing always wants to eat whatever it is I have in my hands, which is almost always a camera!

Photo made with a self assembled Gakkenflex that came in a kit from a Japanese magazine. 

As I recall it took about an hour of intently figuring out the assembly by photos as the instructions were in Japanese.

It's all plastic goodness with the exception of a few metal internal springs for the shutter.

I shot it in vertical mode since the Gakkenflex is a pseudo TLR style camera where you look down into the viewfinder.

Here's the donkey smiling and wishing I had an apple instead of the camera.

There are clone versions of the Gakkenflex camera kit made by Recesky.

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  1. Have had similar too-close issues with some of my cat models, though I don't recall any threatening to eat the camera.


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