Wednesday, April 12, 2017

rambling about nothing but maybe something...

Have you ever made a photo that you really liked, but when you shared it, not many others shared your zeal for it?

This is such a photo.

For some reason I like it, a lot, probably more than I should judging by the reaction I've received elsewhere about it.

Here it is:

I made it two years ago during a little road trip to Tucson with the Vivitar Wide and Slim and some old Kodak Gold 200.

It's kind of Stephen least in my eyes. Mr. Shore would most likely think "no way".

But there it is.


  1. I can see some Stephen Shore in that, and maybe a bit of Marin Parr and M.C. Escher as well. It is to your credit that you did not set out to copy those artists' approach, but that you are conscious of their influence and importance. It would be nice if more people shared that kind of awareness, but I wouldn't advise holding your breath while it happens. Which is not to say that it won't in some way. Consider the case of Vivian Maier, for instance. She went on many years recording the world as she saw it with no recognition at all, and then many years after she is gone, the world has suddenly awakened to her important contribution. I'm not sure how much foreknowledge of that would have mattered to her. I wonder too if she would have been a blogger if that were a possibility in her time.

    1. No breath holding here, that's for's more fun to just wander around pushing a shutter button when the right scene comes up. As far as Ms. Maier being a blogger, I don't think she would have done so.

  2. I like this a lot. It would be great if there were a larger body of work consistent with the subject matter and style, like an extended project. I'd love to see more.

    1. Thanks Joe! I get too distracted to do much large body of work type things, but I do photograph a lot of trees and I always have, so it might actually evolve into something...


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