Friday, April 7, 2017

and then there was a dinosaur

a Sinclair dinosaur.

I'm always happy to come across these old Sinclair signs.

This one is in Menard, Texas.  

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera with Tri-X.


  1. Nice work with the tri-x in the vuws. I don't recall seeing the dino signs before. Guess I need to give Texas another chance.
    Blogger didn't treat that image very nicely, I think. Clicking on the image shows a smaller size that looks sharper. Seems like if you are going to use the xtra-large option it would be better to produce an image which is larger than what you show in the post. I use the xtra-large option most often, but I scan at 1200 or 1600 dpi and then end up resizing the jpg image in photoshop to around 800 dpi width.

  2. Hi Mike!
    Thanks for the information about the sizing. I look at them on a tablet, so the resolution is okay, but will try your method and see if that improves things. Thanks again!!!

  3. Okay, I redid the sizing and I think it's much better.! Thanks for the tip!!!

  4. Wow, that takes me back (and not to Texas!). A beautiful look with Tri-X and the UWS.

    1. thanks! I've found a few dinosaurs over the past couple of years. One I found in Colorado is now a medical weed place...I need to go photograph it...carefully!


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