Thursday, April 6, 2017

and it's April!

April arrived with snow, and a little Hummingbird showed up the last week of March!

They usually don't show up until April 15th....must be global warming...?

These are just a few random shots from the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim.  I really enjoy using this camera. It fits in my pocket and clicks happily at things I point it at. Some of the things I point it at I don't that big deer head in a pasture I saw while driving down an old farm road in Texas.

Here's a gratuitous shot out the window while driving down Hwy 60 in New Mexico. There's miles and miles of nothing man made to look at...I like it a lot.

Back lit trees. I'm a sucker for trees with the sun at their back. Makes me want to take a nap though...

Some more trees back lit....Bosque Del Apache trees.  You might get tired of looking at trees, but I never do.

All photos made with the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim and Tri-x....the backlit trees were made with a clone Olive San camera.  Same thing as the VUWS, except it's purple!


  1. Those are really good, well done.

    1. thanks Joe!
      I really enjoy this little camera. We should go out sometime soon and walk around town to make some photos.

  2. That's amazing that you got a hummingbird way up there. I guess we better get the feeder out. Our little south-facing garden is actually producing for us. We had some chard from it tonight, and have mostly harvested the first round of lettuce. The zucchini is coming along and there are a couple of cherry tomatoes.

    1. Wow, veggies from your garden already! I just planted a strawberry last week and some potatoes. It will be awhile before my first harvest...big or small!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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