Wednesday, March 1, 2017

and now for some art....

Every year for the past ten, I have been drawing on the envelope for my younger sisters birthday card.

Sometimes there's no card inside, just a drawing on an envelope.  It's just a thing I started doing for her some time ago. 

We don't exchange gifts, not even for Christmas, but we do send each other random things throughout the year.

Anyway, I drew this one last night. It just came to me to do it. 

Maybe it was because I found this uber cool box of 25% cotton white linen envelopes for two dollars at the thrift store yesterday. 

I left room for a bird postage stamp and lots of room for here address.

At any rate, this is for her and her birthdays' not until May, but maybe she'll get it early!


  1. Very nice. Hope you will share some more of these.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. I hope to draw more this Spring and Summer.


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